(Part 1 of 3)

The Writing Center administrators of this program are interested in students’ feelings and beliefs about the effectiveness of this program.

You do not have to fill out the questionnaire if you do not wish to, and all questions are optional. Also, choosing to answer the questions will not benefit you directly. However, your responses may be used to revise and improve the course in the future.

You will be asked to complete Part 2 of the survey again after you have cleared all of the requirements of the BWT.

PART 1. Background Information

1. What is your PeopleSoft ID number?

2. What is your university classification?


Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  


3. Did you graduate from a high school in the United States?


Yes   No  
4. In what language are you most comfortable writing?


5. What language do you speak most often at home?


6. Where did you take Freshman Composition I (UH course number ENGL 1303)?


At University of Houston   Outside University of Houston  
7. Where did you take Freshman Composition II (UH course number ENGL 1304)?


At University of Houston   Outside University of Houston  
8. Are you graduating from University of Houston this semester? Yes   No  
9. Do you usually feel like you need help with your writing?

If “yes,” who do you usually seek help from? (Check all that apply.)

Yes   No  

Classmate  Friend   Family member  Course Instructor or Teaching Assistant   UH Learning Support Services  Private Tutor  UH Writing Center  Other

10. Have you taken, or are you now taking, GENB 3302?

Yes   No