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Meet the Writing Consultants

The consultants who work at the Writing Center come from all major fields of study, speak a variety of languages, and are a valuable resource at the University of Houston. They work with students from all disciplines on a wide range of writing assignments. Writing Consultants do not edit papers, proofread, dictate content, or predict what grade an assignment might earn; rather, the consultant assumes the role of an interested reader, concerned with the topic and whether the student’s writing is clear, concise, on-task, well organized, and logical.

Cruz, Olivia

Damian, JoAnne

Dupont-Gray, Bryan

Dyer, Sarah

Gentry, Isiah

Green, Corinne

Haney, Charles

Jinkins, Jami

Kane, Travis

Kang, Clara

Lappe, Chelsea

Le, Helen

Lim, April

Locke, Thomas

Lucke, Charlotte

Martinez, Graciela

Mathew, Samantha

Montez, Angela

Murfin, Kelley

Qamar, Fatima

Rice, Derrick

Richardson, Rebekah

Rivas, Ivania

Roberts, Joe

Sidelinger, Samuel

Siler, Lauren

Syed, Hira

Tabakman, Bat-Sheva

Tice, Simon

Topaum, Cyanne

Wilmot, Cari-Sue